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photo map of kairos 


Everithing started just walking around, little explorations in the daily life: how many kairos have i lived? Try to catch them in a photo and then map them.

Kairos is a greek word that meaned "the exact moment" / "the feeling about time", so fixing that moments on a map is quite to draw many "here and now". Each ones will be different from the others, but me even the same... like the river of panta rei...
Finally, yes, Eridanos is the name of one of the three ancient river of Athens (with Kifissos and Ilissos), and if you have a search... it is still there.


i've got the coordinates by phone, so they could be imprecises. When they are inter rounded parentesis read the note.

The app to build the map is Umap, based on Open Street Map, and kindly hosted by umap.openstreetmap.fr

 The Map